TREASURE HUNT    2021               
                      For Canada and the USA Detectorists                                                                            
                                             June 5 thru June 20                                      

Use your Vintage Classic Metal Detector made on or before 1988 at  a location(s) of your choice. Such as places  where you live or can travel to. Hometown parks, schoolyards, picnic groves, war sites, beach etc.

Show others that  old detectors still find treasure.............submit pictures of finds, detector(s) used etc. Hunt program pdf. file booklet will be made after the hunt, which will be distributed free on-line.

Detectors BFO, TR (Induction Balance),  Off Resonance, VLF/TR-Disc, Pulse Induction. Should be an analog type with or without a swing needle meter. Should be Pre LCD screen, digital read out type.

This is not a Competition Hunt, it is meant to be a  FUN HUNT and re-live many past memories.


Treasure Hunting related prizes will be awarded by drawings to those that make a $5.00US  or more donation, which  will be pooled and used to cover prize shipping costs to winners.

The more entrants we have the more treasure hunter related prizes will be donated.

Prizes can only be shipped to USA and Canadian residents.

Please note, International detectorists can participate. But, cannot enter prize drawings this year.

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