TreasureLinx Market Place

For Sale    June 16, 2021

TreasureLinx Pulse Induction "Manta V" variant.

Control Box and Search Coil

Same performance and specs of the current Mirage Ultra.
The biggest improvement will be in the smoothness and lack of EMI noise requiring frequency changes.  Runs
smoother and is more stable.
Audio is similar to a modulated VLF metal detector.
Designed and set up to locate small gold pendants, thin gold rings and other gold jewelry.
Has a built in 4500mah Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Also, included AA Alkaline battery holder.
Search coil is a 9.5" mono coil.
Custom made control box similar to a White's MXT series.

$300.00 US Funds plus shipping costs.

C & G Technologies Tomcat Metal Detector

Extremely hard to find, especially in working condition.
Works great, no issues

$150.00 US Funds  plus shipping​​​​​


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Will also be selling off a bulk lot electronic component parts for building your own metal detectors.
Resistors, capacitors, diodes, voltages regulators, IC's, switches, toggles, potentiometers..........etc.