A specialized radio control sailboat class extremely popular in South America and several European Countries. These sailboats measure 65cm (roughly 25 9/16 inches). Still compact enough to transport in a small automobile.

I have formed a new Yahoo User Group. It is dedicated to promoting the RG65 Sailboat Class within the USA, Canada and other English speaking Countries. By bringing this class to North America, we hope to make it a truly International Class. Join our group:

Official North American RG-65 Yahoo User Group


I am currently working on my own design RG-65 hull. It has been named the ASKOOK. The name means "snake", in the Algonquin Indian language.

The fiberglass deck was eliminated and replaced with balsa. This saved about 3 oz. off the hull weight. Current hulls minus the deck weigh 4-4.5 oz.

My latest build is a epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth hull. Found it too be easier to lay-up, takes less time, less supplies and clean-up time.

This is my second attempt at building an epoxy hull using the hand lay-up method. I don't have the equipment needed for vacuum bagging so, the end result was a pleasant suprise.

This epoxy hull weighs in at 3 oz., a nice weight savings over the polyester and fibergalss hulls. Also tried another method of building an epoxy hull. A technique R/C Airplane modelers use. Instead of using a heavy layer of Epoxy gelcoat or mix in an opaque resin colorant the mold has been prepped with PVA mold release. Then Krylon (new formula--enamel) spray paint was sprayed into the mold after the PVA has dried. After the paint had dried for a few days, the hull was layed-up. Let cure for another 4 days, then pulled the hull from the mold.

Build Log of the Askook at:
RC Goups Forum


Don't spend hundreds to have molds made. In just a few hours, you can make your own for less than $100.00. From which you can make at least 20 or so fibeglass hulls. If you are interested in making your own sailboat molds using POR-A-MOLD and POR-A-KAST. I have put together a step by step pictured tutorial .pdf download.

Only....... $2.00       Click to purchase

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