TESORO CIBOLA GB  MOD     

For those who were interested in adding external Ground Balance to gain a sharp increase in performance as well adding a trigger switch below the handle like the Tejon.. I have written up complete  instructions with pictures.

A while back I did an air test with the Tesoro Cibola, pre Ground Balance mod and one  using a Tejon. Granted air tests don't mean much but does give an idea of depth potential perfect ground conditions. Air tests can be used to check your detectors performance from year to year. If it doesn't air test the same, it may need to be shipped back to Tesoro for a tune-up.

                                  CIBOLA AIR TEST

                                    TEJON AIR TEST

                                             TESORO SILVER SABRE UMAX MOD

This was a Silver Sabre Umax that I modified back in 2005. Sure ended up looking like a Mini Tejon......After modifying the performance and the ability to ground balance was worth the effort out into it. It handled the red clay highly mineralized soil in Georgia USA  much better.
New faceplate label was made and renamed Silver Super Sabre U-Max. I eventually switched to a 10-turn ground balance pot. It was larger than the single turn pot, switched places with the threshold pot since there was more room behind the faceplate.

Two mods was done to this scoop. Now  provides better stability; prevent rocking from side to side when scooping into sandy, rocky, clay bottoms.

Tip was cut off using a Dremel Tool and a cutoff wheel.

Bottom was flattened out, improves catching target that is off center on the first scoop.

The clevis on my White's PI Pro crumbled due to sun and age degradation. A new clevis and lower is available from White's for $16.95.  Unfortunately after shipping costs, customs fees and Canadian sales taxes, replacement cost was around $36.00 . I made a 20 minute replacement for $3.00. It is much stronger and should last a lifetime.
Purchased a length of thick walled rigid plastic pipe from
Home Depot , couple nylon screws and nuts.

First step was to take a heat gun and heat the tubing end up just till the point it was becoming soft enough to flatten.
Took a a Irwin Quick Grip bar clamp to squeeze the tubing flat and hold it it place until it had cooled. Then rounded off the edge and drilled holes for the search coil bolt and holes that would line up with the orig. holes on the lower rod. Used the nylon screws  to hold everything together. I did another plastic sleeve tubing inside the lower rod to build up the wall thickness some.

                                    COMFORTABLE  GRIP  REPLACEMENT

Many detectors come with foam grips on "s-rods" that are too small in diameter and thin walled. For the most part they do the job of providing a secure hand grip. You may never notice they are not real comfy unless you do a handle replacement. I replace  my detectors foam handles with ones bought from Canadian Tire. They are bicycle grips found in the bike section. A pair cost $6.00.  It's amazing how different and comfy your detector feels switching to these handles! On a Tesoro, controls are easier to reach and it feels like it's floating on air. You thought you liked your Tesoro before.........?
                                                                                                                           METAL DETECTOR HEADPHONES

Your can build your own  high end headphones similar to  commercially made metal detector headphones, for less than $40.00. I am no electronics whiz king..... if I can build a set, so can you. I am extremely happy with the way they turned out.

The ones I built  are super comfortable, have dual volume controls, removable-replaceable coiled headphone cord, installed sound limiter (optional).
You can easily assemble one in several hours, in your own home with just a few tools you probably already own.
A drill, wrench, screwdriver, wire strippers and a soldering iron.

My tutorial is loaded with clear color pictures and text to guide you from start to finish.
As well as a parts listing, where to buy parts and optional parts, hints and tips.
Recently updated with  new wiring diagrams, building limiters & amps with schematics,
as well as Ratphone VTF build information with schematics.
It's a fairly large 31MB pdf file, so it may take a few minutes to download.

Just built another pair of headphones to use for my water detector or as a back up. Tried to keep the cost down as low as possible. Used the Bilsom Leight L1 earmuffs, they are the non-folding version that cost $8.57. They are surprisingly comfortable once the headband is adjusted. The headband can be bent to the shape of your head.

I don't have a pdf. download made at this time but, you can see the build log with pictures by clicking on this link:

Findmall Metal Detector Forum

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