Mirage PI


Perfect all purpose Pulse Induction Metal Detector for most hunting locations. Parks, schoolyards, picnic grounds, woods hunting, beach and water hunting........ with the emphasis on locating very small gold nuggets, small and larger gold rings and jewelry at maximum depth.

Dig less trash than other PI's. The Mirage with its low Pulse Delay can reject small foil and still find the small gold that a VLF cannot. The Mirage will not see most iron nails, spike sized trash beyond 6-7" depending upon coil size. Yet, still see the gold amongst the trash.

Handles most mineralized ground soil, salt water beach conditions with ease. Without the need of ground balance.

I have built he Mirage PI as land or water versions. Occasionally I will sell off a build when I build a new one for myself.  If you would like to build your own, I may have a few extra PCB's on hand.

This is a great hobby for me.    

The Mirage PI is a high frequency detector-   White's Electronics sums it up, partly

"Higher frequencies are more sensitive to nickel and gold alloys however, less sensitive to silver. They may not penetrate quite as deep as the lower frequency models regarding silver however, can be used with a faster coil sweep speed. Higher frequency models are generally more productive for treasure hunting because the faster sweep speed allows more area to be searched in a given time, and they are more sensitive to the ultimate beach find, gold jewelry.

The pulse repetition rate (transmit frequency) of a typical PI is about 100 pulses per second. Models have been produced from a low of 22 pulses per second to a high of several thousand pulses per second. Lower frequencies usually mean greater transmit power. The transmit current flows for a much long time per pulse, however, there are fewer pulses per second. Higher frequencies usually mean a shorter transmit pulse and less power however, there are more transmit pulses per second.
Lower frequencies tend to achieve greater depth and greater sensitivity to items made from silver however, less sensitive to nickel, and gold alloys. They typically have a very slow target response, which requires a very slow coil sweep speed."

Current Version Specifications:

Pulse Frequency....1500Hz
Pulse Delay............10 to 90us
Pulse Width............12 and 30us switchable
Threshold...............Silent to audible
SAT.........................1/2  to 10 seconds
Gain........................5 to 1
Frequency Adjust....10%
Search Coil.............300uH
Operation Power.....12 volts

Search Coil Sizes ...5", 7", 8.5", 9.5", 10.5"

Testimonials from  a couple who have used one of my Pi's:

"On the third hunt last weekend, I spent 5 hours at my favorite honey-hole and decided to stick to the hard-bottom area with relatively less sand (1-3" depending on the sand movement). This area has a hard coral floor, packed with iron from WWII and constantly nulls the CZ and Excal. Searching here is painfully slow and the iron masks a ton of goodies. When I had my CTX, this area always produced a lot of jewelry that was right next to iron that the other VLFs missed. With the Mirage, I was digging every signal so I wasn't missing anything. Within 30 minutes I found a platinum ring and began the spiraling circle search pattern, looking for the partner. in 15 min I found a small platinum ring with .20 carats of diamonds about 3 feet away that was about 3" deep, but standing on edge near some small iron embedded in the coral. The signal came through loud and clear and was pleasantly surprised to find that it hit hard on this target on edge. The CZ and Excal would have missed it, the CTX might have missed that one as well."

"One thing I have noticed, compared to the White's Surf Dual Field is that the MIrage runs alot quieter/smoother after the freq. has been adjusted. It certainly is deeper simply because I can hear tonal differences and the theshold isn't killing my ears like the DF. At first I had a hard time pinpointing, but I read your tip on angling the coil and using it to pinpoint - it works like a charm!"

"Well, 6 hours, 4 on the wet sand/wash and 2 in the water up to the coil connector in depth. (Hesitant to dunk it on the first trip)
First impressions....
Unbelievably quiet as EMI goes. Clearwater Beach Pier (Florida) does drive a few machines wacky when going under the pier. I did have to bump the frequency knob slightly but all was well after that adjustment. ‚Äč

Pinpointing with the 10.5" coil was a learning process but I remembered something I read about the edge of the coil, that did the trick.

To soon to determine how deep the machine with this being my first trip out with it. I don't think I got anything today I couldn't have with the CTX but that is just a guess.

I dug everything but lost a few in the water due to size of the target....

I need to put another magnet in my scoop now, I am digging bobbie pins again...

Bottle caps and coins (and rings) sound off very well, I can't determine which is which yet but I really thought there were some subtle differences....maybe more time on the machine will help,

I broke the machine in right, I got gold ring and silver  ring, ear stud on the first hunt!

Not much in the way of targets but that is how conditions are right now at Clearwater.‚ÄčOverall, I'm really happy with the hunt. Yeah I dug some bobbie pins and some wire/crab trap pieces but I got more good targets then trash. Coin count was good even if most were pennies. I've learned with the CTX NOT to miss out on penny signals, I've got 3 really nice gold rings in the past year that read perfectly like a zinc US penny.

The Mirage even with the 10.5" coil is easy to swing over the sand and in the water. I can only imagine how easy the 7.5" will do in the water but right now with the conditions on this and one other beach, I need the 10.5 for coverage....I've got a couple of beaches that are real trashy and I believe are hiding gold rings between the trash, I'll give the 7.5" a try on those beaches.

Thanks again, this is a real fun machine!"

"I had a good first hunt at Va. Beach. With the Mirage P.I. Hunted in small gold mode with 10.5 inch coil. Dug some bottle caps and bobby pins but not a lot of iron or coins. Good thing was pennies which plague me on the Excall were almost nonexistent. Only nickles and one quarter dug. Dug some junk jewelry, a large stud earring, two junk chains, two pair of sunglasses, and the highlight of the night was a large 10k yellow gold cross. Beautiful piece of jewelry! I really like this machine so far. It does run more stable in normal gold mode with the 10.5 inch coil, but I really like the option of using small gold mode to maybe hit on more chains on the beaches that I hunt..................."

"Last night I took it out again. Result: 
10k from Israel!!!
I am liking this machine. Two hunts and two GOLD!"
Below pictured, is one I built for shallow water hunting, with a newer version circuit boarddesign circuit board.
This plastic waterproof box now incorporates a new EMI shield I designed that almost equals performance of metal box type enclosure. Also, has an adjustable Pulse Width switch which allows switching from 12us to 28us. 13us for very small gold nuggets, jewelry hunting and 28us for more depth on small gold rings to larger gold, better depth and sensitivity towards silver, copper, brass coinage. Combined with a fully adjustable Pulse Delay down to 10us for gold prospecting and higher for beach, salt water or general purpose hunting.