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Well, not really, when fishing this particular lure "DOUBLE LOON" and continually catch fish while others don't........they always come over and ask "....whatcha catching those fish on......?" Of course I'll tell them "......a LOONIE!" They almost ask again ".....what the heck is a looney......?"

Fishermen are a curious bunch, they just have to know what this lure is all about. As they approach for a closer look at this crazy fish catching lure, will usually catch another fish. After releasing the fish, I show them this fantastic in-line Spinner. THE DOUBLE LOON, of course with a name like Loon, it has to be a Canadian product.

Ever since I was given my first sample, a number of years ago, size #2, it was different looking. Perfectly balanced to run straight, heavier wire, and the blade turns the instant it hits the water. The glow tape is on the underside of the blade, which is a trigger effect to get a predator fish to strike. So the spinner blade appears as one color as it glides thru the water, as it crosses the fish's area of vision, at a certain angle the fish will see a second color. This is the trigger, the fish out of instinct must now hit the lure. You will find a trigger spot on many fishing lures these days. Here's why it works: Baitfish swim about happy as can be, as soon as a predator fish appears on the scene, they get frightened and go thru a color change. Generally this color change will take place in the tail area, (caused by fright hormones) warning the other fellow baitfish, they must flee or be eaten. The predator fish, spots this color change, instinctively now knows, the baitfish is ready to flee and must pounce on them. You will now see major spinner manufacturers copying the Double Loon, take a look at Mepps.

Let me tell you what I caught the first day, just about as soon as my first cast was made. Yellow Perch, Rock Bass, Small and Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Muskie, Bluegill, Crappie, even a stinky Sheepshead. That sold me on this lure One sample turned into a box of over 100 of them in different sizes and colors. Other fishing outings also produced Walleyes and Trout. Trout fishermen, take note, these spinners were designed for the purpose of Trout fishing, they absolutely love them!!

The Double Loon far out produced any other spinners I have used for the past 25 years. Spinners are among my favorite lures. Since I have been using the Loonies, sold off most of my Vibrax, Panther Martins, Rooster Tails, Mepps spinners and crankbaits. Ahhhh...but, kept some Mepps plain #0 Aglias and the #00 micro spinners.

A neat new method that I have tried was drifting the Loonie behind a bottom bouncer on a 3' leader, using a single hook, and then tip with a nightcrawler or minnow---caught Walleye. Heard other fishermen were actually jigging the Loonies and catching fish.

Don't take my word about these spinners really are, just go out and by one. Take it fishing, leave all your other lures at home. You might want to buy a spare one, in case you get a snag or some giant trophy fish grabs and disappears with your Loonie. I'm not getting any kick back from the manufacturer of the Double Loon..........just giving you my experience using them.

April 2018 Update--Double Loon website still up and running. No success in contacting Eric Warren to buy more. No response to any posted and private phone numbers, emails. Assuming no longer building the spinners, may have retired.
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