The Footy Sailboat

The hottest new model R/C Sailboat class to hit the US Shores.

Join the fun as we promote these small easy to build, packable, affordable 12" boats across the USA and Canada.

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Designed to be a fun time sailboat.
The overall hull length is 12 1/4"
Beam of 5 1/2".

The PUDDLE PIRATE Sport Footy was designed for looks and have the ability to sail in most conditions.

Below are pictures from the start of the building process to the making of Polyurethane molds to the finished boat.

The finished molds were used to produce some faithful reproductions of the original hull. Reproduction hulls were made of fiberglass cloth, polyester Gelcoat and laminating resins.

Seven hulls were produced, several were used as mock-ups. One hull was completed and sailed very nicely as expected.

The remaining Puddle Pirate hulls are now in other modellers hands. As well as the molds.

See the Sport in action as well as others

Puddle Pirate Videos

Gosport, UK Race by Agnus Richardson
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