Electric  Crackerbox
1/10 Scale Race Boat

The full scale Crackerbox racing boat was developed and raced on the West Coast of the US. A very popular exciting class.

The Cracker is basically a flat bottomed hull that flies across the water surface.

Scale model Crackerbox racing is also very popular around the world. Especially within the USA and Canada

Currently in the works is a 1/10 scale Crackerbox. Built for fast electric racing, inexpensive and a fun boat you must learn how to drive. You just can't hold the throttle open and expect to finish without flipping. You need some discreet throttle control around the turns.

I have scaled down Jerry Dunlaps 1/4 scale Gas Cracker to 1/10 scale. Would have used Dunlap's 1/10 scale plans, an easier build but, just didn't have them anymore. The hull pictured is 20"

The finished bare hull has been sold to Capt. Crash aka Hoghappy, who has completed the hull which was named "NAVY".

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