DeepTech metal detectors are produced in Bulgaria. Very powerful and very deep for the serious relic hunter who want a no-nonsense, get down to business metal detector. You won't find all the fancy digital, computerized  LCD screens with target ID indicators, nor 101 bells and whistles found on many if not most of the current consumer metal detectors. What you do find, is
are the essential controls to be able to quickly tune the detector for soil conditions so you can get to treasure hunting without delay.

DeepTech produces a number of models to cover the needs of most treasure seekers of relics, coins of gold, silver, bronze as well as jewelry.  There is a very  large following of these metal detectors in Europe and you can't dispute the fantastic finds they make with them. A number of years ago, there was an attempt to establish a market in the US for these machines. The importer, made a very good attempt to introduce these detectors and establish a market. Due to some logistical, association  issues, dealer distribution network was not fully set-up. Those that did purchase were more than happy with the products. Glowing performance reports and support videos made by various treasure hunters in the USA.  You rarely see used ones come up for sale, owners just hang onto them. Until Deeptech establishes a new distributor, dealer network in the US if you want to buy a new one, you'll have to look overseas. Either order direct from DeepTech or from a European dealer who is able to ship outside their network.

I recently picked up a used almost mint Vista Gold model. With the newer elliptical larger search coil and the Super 6 search coil.
Immediately noticed after turning it on and bench testing, found it to be a fantastic detector. Very easy to operate, pleasant audio response and impressive performance. Back yard testing proved it was a going to be a weapon of choice out in the field. After much thought and decisions, I felt the Vista Gold for my hunting style, conditions outpaced a very popular US beep and dig brand of metal detectors that I favored for years. So much so, I elected to sell off  the last of my popular brand beep and dig machines.

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